The short answer is, No.

Though there has been a lot of legislation to make gun liability insurance required by law, it is still very much optional.  The idea behind making gun liability insurance mandatory, really grew after Illinois became the last state in the nation to pass the Concealed Carry Act on July 9, 2013.  This means that if  a concealed carry license is obtained, one can carry a gun tucked away in their cloths or simply out of sight while on their person ( in public areas as outlined in 430 ILCS 66), and this creates a risk for everyone.  Similar to why car insurance in Illinois is required by law,  a person can cause bodily injury or property damage while operating a car, whether licensed or not, if they are at-fault then that person becomes liable for any damages leaving the insurance company to pay for the loss.

However, a responsible gun owner would consider the legal ramifications behind pulling that trigger.  There is tremendous liability involved in owning a gun, especially while carrying a concealed weapon/gun.

Now, what about discharging your firearm inside your own home?

Here is where things get a bit tricky.  In Short, your homeowners insurance policy may very well not offer you liability coverage.  You see, there is some verbiage in your policy which states that liability protection for “accidental injuries” caused by an insured may be covered.  However, most policies exclude coverage for injuries and damages that are “expected” or “intended”. A homeowners policy may provide coverage for “reasonable use of force” to protect your person or other persons – however, it is up to the home insurance company to determine what constitutes “reasonable use of force”.

What is covered with Gun Liability Insurance?

Personal Liability – bodily injury and property damage  (Combined Single Limit)
Self Defense/Civil Liability Legally Possessed Firearm –  bodily injury and property damage (Combined Single Limit)
Criminal Defense Cost & Expense Reimbursement

For less than $0.85 per day, you can carry adequate  Gun Liability Insurance. Contact me today for more information.

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